The Age of Public Railways


All of the data used from this map comes from free sources, which are publicly available.

Opening dates

This document shows all the opening dates for each of the railway lines depicted in the map. Some areas, including some junctions and chords, were too small to show on the map itself.

Population Data

Populations are sourced from the Census of Scotland – 1861 and the Census for England and Wales – 1861.

UK Coast line

Land outlines and regional borders are from the Ordnance Survey Outline Map of the United Kingdom.

National Rail Routes

Largely come from Apple Maps, and a small number of additional sources. There has to be a timetabled service over the route for it to be included. No heritage or closed lines were included in this map – I had to draw the line somewhere.


Is based on low-resolution maps from the present day. Information is adapted from Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification 2016, and the Urban and Rural Area Definitions for Policy Purposes in England and Wales: Methodology (v1.0).